Wall of Sound

Our open baffle system - wall of sound is an uncompromising transformation of our concept to utilize broad-band

loudspeakers. At the moment we are heavely engaged to revise the system under the pretext to reach just the best Sound reproduction possible. For the transformation we use two 30 cm broadbandspeakers per side with particular and very special membrane treatment.

The open structural concept reduces considerably the resisting force onto the membrane surface, there are no compressed air masses that could decelerate the membrane movement by itself. Thus the membranes can follow exactly the pre-set electric target movement of the oscillator coil. Paired with our tweeter an astonishing diversity of sound is spreaded on absolutely the highest Level.


For the low-range speaker area we utilize our compact subwoofer which is regulated linearly in the very low bass area up to 16 Hz. Armed with two 46 cm bass-chassis per side and installed in a dipole- case (sound radiation forward-facing and backwards-facing). Structure-wise we took care that the subwoofer can be integrated into the overall system. Though there is no connection betweeen the two units, therefore every transfer of vibrations and/or feedback is prevented right from the start.

Our wall of sound is, due to the high effectiveness-factor, also the ideal partner for small single –ended amplifiers .Depending on the room-size, for a „life –experience“ 3-10 Watt are totally sufficient!

Our new top–model will be available from Autumn onwards!


Technical data per side:

Two pieces of 30 cm woofer-midrange speaker, AINiCo model, paper membrane ,treated with particular varnish

35 mm tweeter in dipole horn format

Two pieces of 46cm woofer, actively tunable bassmodule

Dimension: appr. 1.400 x 600 x 630 (h,w,d)mm incl. subwoofer

Effectiveness: 101 dB/1W/1m

Nominal impedance: 16 Ohm

Frequency range: 16 Hz ->23 kHz

Listening distance: min 3,0 m

Room size: min 30 m2

Weight: appr. 85 kg/piece


Execution :

handcrafted wood and stainless steel, subwoofer case and face-sites black or white high gloss lacquered is standard. Dipole tweeter. WBT Nextgen connecting terminals Decoupling–cones on the rack and subwoofer.

Client specific exigencies and finish(real wood or carbon inlays and colours) by request.