Sound Converter (Ichos)

The centrepiece of our sound converters are broadband speakers.

They obtain special properties and characteristics due to a labour-extensive treatment of their membranes with mineral base-material and several oils and specific varnish. This particular treatment absorps up to eight weeks of time.

Before fitting into the high-grade and handcrafted cases every sound converter needs toget going properly for several hours.

Together with the tweeter we achieve a crystal clear and subtly nuanced reproduction with large dynamic and heavily boosted sound pressure level.


Our Speakers are simply said total work of art due to a multiplicity of manual operational procedures. Fine tuning always together with exceptionally gifted musicians takes place in many listening sessions. As

needed the adaptation to the clients

specific living space is not just

possible but welcome.



Our Passive Speakers

have well defined and customized horns who radiate to the ground. Thus the high efficiency, while tuning the speakers, also in the bass-sphere remain preserved. As a result we get a vibrant natural acoustic pattern with an accurate rather „dry“ bass-playback. Due to this rather elaborate construction we obtain a very high reinforcement inside the chassis so that feedbacks and vibrations can be excluded.






Our main Focus is the most possible naturalreproduction an not just the sound. Our series of speakers stand for durable, fatigue-proof hearing-pleasure independent what kind of music someone prefers.

According to and in line with this high pretence towards our speaker-series we offer also a perfectly tuned cable-program. Every chain link should be of highest but equal level.


We apply the same high standards for all components and accessories as we do for our speakers. In the same moment and doing so we can offer an ideal Sound - price - relation

Special request like specific front plates, noble inlays and /or varnishing will be executed with pleasure and professionally.

All components are produced with strictest tolerances according our specifications. The time- consuming handcrafted production of the whole range of speakers takes place completely in Austria.

A genuine Austrian high quality ,hi- end' product.



A little bit of patience is demanded. Loudspeakers need some hours of operation time in order to be able to unfold their full potential. Due to the specific treatment of our broadband loudspeakers this could last somewhat longer than commonly expected. This could also depend on former storage conditions. All models are going to get properly for some hours before delivery. Within the first hours of playtime quite audible changes could be perceivable –some time will be necessary till the damping elements and the material grades of the chassis will reach their optimal mechanical properties. With time passing by the suspension mechanism oft he Chassis becomes softer and moveably. The process and the tonal expansion could – depending on the model – also last up to 300 operating hours.