ichos N° TWO  MK II


The new ICHOS N° TWO MK II is the evolotion of the Modell N°THREE. In this Modell we've one more 25 cm broadband driver in a push-pull construction. The particular construction and the treatment of the sound converters, the audacity to tread new paths and the traditional workmanship approach leads into the perfect technical concept of the  N° TWO.

They offer thanks to the extremely big sound-emitting surface area superior dynamics and transient oscillation (we use this term for a quick, impulsive leveling off, applyable for different volumes and frequences). Thereby the N° TWO Features a very high richness of detail enabling amplifiers a maximum of control.

Thus we offer you the posibility to immerge deeply into the world of music. The tweeter unit is an advancement of the already existing compression-driver which has been revised and executed as a dipole. The modification affects the size of the diameter as well as the form of the orifice outlet and the aluminium monobloc. The combination with single- ended amplifiers is ideal due to the high effectiveness.

Inside-cabling and all used components represent the qualitativ optimum. Enjoy your personal listening date.


Technical data:

2 pcs.of 25 cm woofer-midrange speaker, glass-fiber membranes, treated with particular varnish

Tweeter in dipole version, aluminium monobloc case.

Dimension: 1.130 x 283 x 385 (h,w,d) mm

Efficiency factor: 94 dB/1W/1m on 8 Ohm

Frequency response: 35 Hz->20 Hz

Listening distance: appr.2,0 m

Weight: appr. 44 kg/piece


Execution Ichos N° TWO:

Totally handcrafted. corpus black matt lacquered, changeable front with fabric covering – inlays according your personal choice. New elliptical tweeter-body in monobloc case, WBT Nextgen connecting terminals, optimized spikes. Additional floor plates consignable by request. Client specific exigencies and finish(inlays and colours) by request.