ichos N° THREE


The aesthetical total impression of the N° THREE is, thanks to just 28 cm of width, very elegant. Our concept to include the listening room into our case-conception works through horns which radiate to the ground. The circulation of the air–volume over the ground facilitates a much more homogeneous and inobtrusive reproduction of the bass-sound.


We combine a newly developed 25 cm broadband speaker with a dipol-tweeter, in new aluminium case, which we also use in our bigger models.

Due to this concept we achieve a level of dynamic and bass-depth as well as an accuracy of reproduction, which so far was just reserved to much bigger speakers. This models are uncomplicated to be disposed in bigger or smaller listening rooms as well as for the reproduction of classical or rock music, without any constraint for being played loud oder quietly.


Tecnical data:

25 cm woofer-midrange speaker, glass-fiber membranes, treated with particular varnish

Tweeter in dipole version, aluminium monobloc case.

Dimension: 1.130 x 283 x 362 (h,w,d) mm

Efficiency factor: 94 dB/1W/1m on 8 Ohm

Frequency response: 36 Hz->20 Hz

Listening–distance: from 2m appr.

Weight : 32 kg appr./piece and according execution