ichos N° ONE


With our N° ONE we try to accomplish the optimum in the area of passiv loudspeakers. Handcraft till the smallest detail.

As in the case of all of our sound converters the broad-bands are subject of a particular process. Our point of view is, that frequency separating filters work as a „brake“ mechanism. We don’t want to integrate such „brakes“ into our speakers. Just the opposite, the broad-band is directly connected to the exit-point of the amplifier and is, due to the particular treatment ,able to guarantee an emittance in an optimal way without any distorsion up to appr. 6,5 kHz.


This way keyfactors like timing, dynamic behaviour und timely coherence of music reproduktion remain preserved.The low-range area is converted through horns over the ground.

The outcome of this is an extraordinary compact construction and an   optimal connection of the bass to the listening envirement.


Tweeters on the other side are connected through special capacitors and are carried out as dipoles.The emission characteristic of the dipole reduces the influence of the room acoustic to the music. Due to this system we obtain a one and a half-way concept. The elliptical corpus with integrated horn is made of solid alluminium material and is powder-coated. By means of the high effectiveness, the N° ONE becomes the ideal partner for small single-ended amplifier. 

All utilized components and the inner-cabling are top high-class and selected by hand.


Listen to the N° ONE and open up new vistas for yourself.

Technical data:

1 piece 38 cm woofer-midrange speaker ,paper membranes' treated with particular varnish.

New 36 mm tweeter in dipole version, aluminium monobloc case

Dimension: 1.230 x 410 x 385 (h,w,d) mm

Efficiency factor: 100 dB/1W/1m on 8 Ohm

Frequency response: 27 Hz->23 Hz

Listening–distance: from 2,5 m appr.

Weight: 53 kg appr./piece


Structural properties Ichos N° ONE:

Totally handcrafted. Corpus black matt lacquered, changeable front with fabric covering – inlays according your personal choice. New elliptical tweeter-body in monobloc case, WBT Nextgen connecting terminals, optimized Spikes. Additional floor plates consignable by request. Client specific exigencies and finish(inlays and colours) by request.