Searching for the perfect sound ain`t an easy task. Sound can`t be verbalized, the easist way is that to experience sound.

The firsttrails to build good speakers started in 1986.

Afters years of gaining experience and comparisons with existing systems we felt ready to start our own production of a range of speakers and to market it under the brand name ICHOS.


Our mission was and is: spend time and effort only if this is audible - avoid  what is not audible. Key focus of ICHOS is to reproduce music in the most natural way. Voices and instruments shall be made audible in an almost holographic plasticity. This are speakers for all who love to listen to good music and if not possible live, then at least that dynamic ,pulsative and direct as possible.

Enjoy the emotion when you hear every single instrument of your favourite piece of music. Explore your music-collection newly once again. According to the test-report of the result can be described as follows:

„…as a thank you for the faith of their proud owners they „hammer" with immense dynamic power of which most of the competitors can just dream of. On top you get rhythmical feeling ,live atmosphere and top timbre“.


All construction elements have to be produced with nearest tolerances according our specifications. The whole range of speakers is a genuine Austrian hand-made and labour intensive product. We are able to respect your personal wishes and would be pleased to adapt the speakers in an optimal way to your room preconditions.