Searching for the perfect sound ain`t an easy task. Sound can`t be verbalized, the easist way is that to experience sound. The firsttrails to build good speakers started in 1986.

Afters years of gaining experience and comparisons with existing systems we felt ready to start our own production of a range of speakers and to market it under the brand name ICHOS.


Some Reviews:


Bridging Audio G. Rothensee wrote July 2019:

ICHOS N°FIVE: Two way downfiring 'backloaded' horn speaker with soft dome tweeter and phase plug, that looks really cute at first, baut wait when it starts playing music - you'll be shocked. Can play it all, loud or quite. Highly musical, enganging, stressless listening for hours! Very impressive !!


Michael Bruss of LP Journal wrote Jan. 2018:

ICHOS N°THREE "...rarely does one hear a loudspeaker that combines a nonchalant lightness and ease so naturally with such a substantial bass and can still work with single-ended tube amplifiers without problems – actually, the ICHOS

N°THREE even prefers them...

Conclusion: Loudspeakers with a pleasure factor - a true feast for listeners who love attention to detail and spaciousness with a bass that isn’t too thin. They play easily with small triodes and even then offer a substantial



Peter Panholzer of concluded December 2017:

"...with the ICHOS N°ONE, the top model of ICHOS sound transducers, the young company has hit a home run!

The synthesis of fine craftsmanship, high sensitivity and top-class components makes music an extraordinary experience. Dynamics and timbres impart a vivid live atmosphere that continuously inspires

the listener..."


Conclusion Frank Hakopians fairaudio/6 moons, 2015:

N° TWO Obviously nobody in their right mind would expect an accounting of the peas under the pillow from a widebander with hornloading that's augmented by a dipole tweeter. And still, the many non-mainstream solutions embedded in the ICHOS N°TWO make for loudspeakers which compete with standard fare even on standard hifi parameters.

As though to thank their owner's trust in such an off-mainstream status, they then add dynamic capabilities which leave most competitors in the dust. Add rhythmic elan, great tone colours and a live vibe. All of that only requires a fistful of watts to liberate, preferably from valves and circuits that needn't be expensive.